What is this site about? is a personal, non-commercial web site for sharing information. That information comes in several forms, text from and for those searching for truth and enlightenment, left brain computer generated works of art, audio files, and links to other information (generally of a decidedly Buddhist nature.)

We make no excuses or apologies for being obviously slanted toward the Apple Macintosh personal computer. While we will do our best to insure that information and files are available for all platforms a Windows version of software to run the files may not always be available.

All text, images, audio files, and links are free to capture and use for personal use. We do request however, should you share this data with others please do not claim it as your own, and please let others know where you got it from.

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How do I navigate this site?

Please refer to the image below:

Clicking on the Now and Zen logo on any page will do one of two things: 1. It will return you to the Main | Home page if no other pages preceed the one you are on. Or, 2. It will return you to the previous page.

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How do I contact anyone about this site?

Click on the Contact | Satori link to be directed to a page where an e-mail link is available.

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How often is this site updated?

To keep a short answer short... At least once a month or as needed.

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